How to Incorporate the Great Commission into Your Life

Legacy Ladies Note: Jess is serving in Chichicastenango, Guatemala this summer through an organization called ASELSI. Please pray that the Lord does mighty works in and through her during her time there! -Nikki


By Jess Rivera

I am incredibly blessed to call Guatemala home for a little while. Three years ago I had absolutely no desire to be a missionary. I would have never believed that I would fall in love with what God is doing in this country and the people here – so much so that I can’t imagine my life anywhere else.

Like many, I used to read the Great Commission like this: “Therefore [only some people] go and make disciples of all nations…” I figured that someone else was already on the job, so I didn’t think twice about doing it myself.

Here’s the thing – there is a great need.

There are 196 countries in the world. Of those 196, about 98 countries (more than 3 billion people) live on less than $2.50 a day. About the same number of people have never heard the name of Jesus or been given the opportunity to have a relationship with Him.

However, the point of missions is not to resolve poverty overnight. Don’t only go to build a few houses and give gifts and handouts. That can actually hurt more than it helps. You have to take the opportunity to get to know these people, care for them, and, above all else, tell and show them that God loves them and His Son Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price of their sin.

Here are three ways you can incorporate the Great Commission into your life:

  1. Go at least once.

During your time in another country, you might meet someone who is rich in love and kindness and whose joy is undeniably in Jesus. And if they hadn’t told you, you would have never known that their spouse abandoned them, or they lost a child, or they’re struggling with an illness that they can’t afford to care for.

Though the people you will encounter have little, you’ll notice that they give generously because they trust and depend on the provision of the Lord. More often than not, those people will change your life more than you thought you would change theirs.

  1. Talk it up and live it out.

When you get home, tell everyone what you did, who you met, what you felt. You might even inspire someone else to go. Share how God is moving around the world and the life change you experienced.

More importantly, be the change at home. Give generously, love fiercely, and depend on the Lord as if He is all you have.

  1. Make every place your mission field.

If you aren’t called to missions in another country, don’t worry, you’re not broken. God said all nations. Newsflash: you live in a nation! Your school, neighborhood, workplace – these are all mission fields.

Even if God does call you to another country, don’t wait until you go there to do God’s work. People’s physical and emotional needs can look different all around the world, but our spiritual need for Jesus is exactly the same.

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