My Flesh, My Great Wanter Poem

By Guest Writer Cameron Roy

Legacy Lady Note: I first heard Cameron recite this poem at an open mic night his fraternity, Men of God, hosted, and I was so impacted by his words. We met at another M.O.G. event, and I have learned that he such a compassionate guy who lives to share the name of the Lord and encourage his brothers and sisters in Christ to actively and daily pursue our Savior. Although I still don’t know Cameron that well, it is so obvious through his fruit that he is in love with Jesus and strives to further the Kingdom of God! I am so excited to have the opportunity to share his talent! To see more of Cameron’s work you can visit -Jess


Dear Reader,

camroyI wrote this poem because of the beauty of God in the valleys life. I had put all of my chips into one ship in my life that was not guaranteed to always float, but in my heart of pure idolatry I lied to my heart and made promises to myself that God never made to me. I closed my hand on a gift God gave me and made it the treasure of my life, and God lovingly sunk that ship and put me into the valley

For the Lord disciplines the one he loves, and chastises every son whom he receives.” -Hebrews 12:6 

I thought I had control of my life and control of my ship that I had built, but boy how wrong I was. One of the most loving things God ever did to me was to let me know that all the control I ever thought I had was nothing more than a silly illusion.

My prayer is that as you read this poem you can be encouraged that God loves you enough to discipline you and put you into valleys sometimes where you only have Him to look to for help and healing. God knows that the human heart will only find true rest, peace, and hope in Him and He will lovingly stop at nothing to get His children’s hearts, even if that means inflicting pain.

Though he slay me, I will hope in him…” -Job 13:15

My Flesh, My Great Wanter

By Cameron Roy

The sun is shining,

No clouds in sight,

So the flesh sets sail

In its daily delight.

But a storm of grievance comes,

That hits all of a sudden.

The flesh is drowning,

It feels left with nothing.

No boat to stand,

No pole to scale,

The flesh fears the waves,

Come from the depths of hell.

Swimming in panic,

Trying to stay afloat;

Looking for safety,

In a now sunken boat.

Gasping for air,

To only taste salt;

The flesh tells the soul,

“This is all my fault.”

My hands they bleed,

From the grip on my taken treasure;

In my broken discernment,

I see no greater pleasure.

The soul pleads with the flesh,

“Why so distraught; why so scared?

Let me introduce you to a king,

Who calls you heir”.

“He is love, He is good,

He is patient and kind;

He heals the sick,

And gives sight to the blind.”

“His name is Jesus,

And he rests in me;

Giving me hope in this storm,

And eyes to see.”

“All you can see,

Are waves in your face;

But I promise you, flesh,

These are waves of grace.”

“So, flesh, I need you know

That we will both surely die;

If you try to stay afloat,

Believing your own lie;”

“That if you just swim harder,

You can save your own life;

Fighting the waves,

That laugh at your strife.”

“If you don’t drown in the sea,

We will both surely die.

So, quit swimming, oh flesh,

And breathe in the sea of life!”

So the flesh stops swimming,

Only to sink;

And everything becomes quiet,

Under the surface of the sea.

As the flesh is still,

With darkness all around,

In the quiet of the abyss,

He hears a soft sound.

Scared of death,

He can’t let go;

Until he hears the words,

Of the great unknown.

“Flesh, what do you want,

Let go of your control,

I love you too much,

To let you lose your soul.”

“I know you are scared,

I know you’re afraid,

But you have to trust me,

Perfect is my way.”

So the flesh stops fighting,

All in faith;

Letting the powerful current,

Determine his fate.

Rushing under the surface,

In the depths of the sea,

The soul starts smiling,

Knowing he’s almost free.

Comforting the flesh,

As his face is blue;

Saying, “Don’t give up hope,

You’re being made new.”

The fleshes feet feel the sand,

In between his toes;

Thinking this is the bottom,

With nowhere to go.

Then the soul screams out,

“Arise flesh and breath;

You’ve been driven to the shore,

Open your eyes and see!”

As he tries to stand,

Weak with stumble,

Seeing a man drawing near,

His legs, they crumble.

Down on his knees,

The sun shining so bright,

A shadow comes over him

Saying, “I am the Light.”

Filled with tears,

Hurt and pain;

The man grabs His hand saying,

“You, I claim.”

“You are my son,

And I will not let you go;

I had to bring you a storm,

For you to know,”

“That your boat was built,

On shifting sand;

Beauty on the outside,

But no structure to stand.”

“I took your idol,

And your desire,

Because hope is in me;

Not flesh, that old liar.”

“It is here where I build you,

Right on this shore;

Find your hope in me,

And you shall want no more.”

“I will give you joy,

That will always stand;

Because happiness you see,

Can be ripped from your hand.”

“I can rebuild your boat,

I can give you a yacht;

But for now take my hand,

And doubt me not.”

“I will build you up,

And give you my eyes;

Make you stronger daily,

To become one of the wise.”

“And the next boat you build,

Follow my instruction,

It will be for your joy,

Not your destruction.”

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